53, Tonbridge

I have panic attacks about getting stuck in theatre seats, breaking chairs, being penned in at a table in a café or restaurant and having to ask people to move as I can’t squeeze past.  So why haven’t I stopped and taken a grip of myself?  Who knows!  I know I shouldn’t but I do eat for comfort when things are tough and also for company and when I’m having a stressful day and I know it’s not good but I suppose a part of it, if I’m being totally honest – I don’t like myself very much so in an odd way it’s a sort of self-abuse thing as well.

The really annoying thing is that now I’ve started to actually lose weight and take a bit more care of me – that’s when the knees dealt a cruel blow!  They are getting their own back for all the years I’ve forced them to bear the excesses – all the chocolate, cakes and Chinese takeaways!  Now that I actually want to be more active the knees are failing!  So my message to anyone younger than my 53½ years– is don’t put it off – do it!  Put yourself first – get moving, get healthy now!

Finding Pavelka Health has helped me to just that, made me change my mindset and take responsibility for myself, realise I need to make choices and lifestyle changes that help benefit me every day.  It’s not about a diet to lose weight – it’s about a change for life and for the better.

I have been inspired by meeting my new Pavelka family and now feel totally energised and positive. I’ve already achieved one of my goals by doing an ice swim challenge and plan to run a 5K this year. If I can do it, so can you!